Pray for the URC

A call to weekly prayer for our church from 4 June

From the Chairman, Brian Harley

The GEAR Committee have become aware of the need to pray about the challenging situation many URC congregations, Synods and central staff are facing.  We are therefore launching a weekly prayer initiative and are inviting everyone across the United Reformed Church to join us.

Over many weeks now, we have got used to Clapping for Carers at 8pm on a Thursday so we are asking folks not to turn on the TV when they go back indoors but to gather on line for prayer at 8.15pm for around 20 minutes.

A few people will meet on Zoom and this will be streamed live so you can listen in and pray alongside us and chip in with written chat, comments and prayers . Each week we will have a guest who will be invited to share briefly some prayer needs and then the others present will lead prayers for around 15 minutes. We want to keep it brief and refreshing and to maintain a focus on URC life – both local issues and those relating to central and Synod staff and the various committees and councils.

GEAR has for many years coordinated prayers around and at General Assembly. Although only part of the work of this important council will now take place over the scheduled dates, 10-13 July, prayer would still be much appreciated, in order that the decisions that are possible may be wise and fruitful.

We will run the on line Pray4URC for an initial six weeks from 4 June leading up to this date.

Our General Secretary, John Proctor, who is soon to retire, will be joining us on 4 June and we will introduce a guest each week to share prayer needs.   We have consulted with John and several others in shaping this plan and are pleased to have their blessing on this initiative.

Please join us via this link:                

8.15pm on Thursdays from 4 June

Rev Brian Harley                                  01983 862485          

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