Oldham & Tameside Partnership Gathering – Sat 5th March

We grew out of a brave, radical vision for being a church – committed to following Jesus, healing the divisions within the church, and making a Jesus-shaped difference in our communities and nations.  

 When we set up Missional Partnerships, we did so in response to a fresh call of the Spirit and in order to “see Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly”.  

This is a day to discover and celebrate the excitement of just how unique and radical our United Reformed Church is!  We’ll examine what it means to be a URC in order to be able to respond even more faithfully to all that the Spirit has for us.  We’ll explore:

  • Why we govern ourselves through Councils (church meeting, Synod and General Assembly)
  • Why the Bible is as important as it is to us
  • Why we’re so passionate about joining with other denominations
  • Just how committed we are to discipleship and mission
  • How important our public, prophetic role is in our wider society
  • How we can expect the Spirit to lead us into growth and more faithful witness in our communities

Your money back if you’re not excited and inspired

(it’s free …)!

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