August Dawdles with Graham

Dates and times below – all welcome, nothing really strenuous but breathing, fitness, wellbeing improving with all who have been on many of the walks.

One evening walk in the schedule this time and one on the bank holiday may appeal hopefully

  • Fri 6Aug 14:00 Cemetery Rd, Audenshaw (Shepley Rd end) M34 5DLThurs
  • 12Aug 10:30 Croft Edge OL3 7JRWed
  • 18Aug 10:30 Croft Edge OL3 7JR (yes this is the same start point)
  • Tues 24Aug 19:00 Asda/Ashton OL6 7PF
  • Mon 30Aug 14:00 Meadow Lane car park (almost M34 7PZ)

Contact Graham for more information (

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