June/July Dawdles with Graham

The dawdles continue.  I’ve found a further series of short walks – which of course are still permitted.  The details and dates are below with a bit of a gap in the middle due to a holiday.  To reassure anyone wanting to join in, it is not a mountain trek, we walk at a speed convenient for all – including pauses to look at the scenery, flowers, buildings – or to simply take a break.  They have generally been an about an hour and range from 1.22 to 2.45 miles.  Most of the small group had a celebratory cup of coffee at the end of the last walk to mark the end of the first ‘season’. 

It isn’t a mountain trek but the surface isn’t as smooth as a newly laid tarmac road surface, more like a pavement or canal path surface.  The weather, with one exception that threatened drizzle, has been excellent.  I think everyone has been to at least one place they’d not visited before…. and there’s more below.  All welcome.

  • Wed 23Jun 10:30 / Cemetery Rd, Audenshaw M34 5AH (Shepley Rd end)
  • Tue 13Jul 14:00 / Croft Edge OL3 7EW, park on road (or if difficult, Tescos OL3 7AF)
  • Mon 19Jul 10:30 / Debdale Park (Wall Way, M18 7WY)
  • Fri 23Jul 14:00 / Daisy Nook Country Park entrance (junction of Newmarket Rd, Lumb Lane and Stannybrook Rd, M35 9WJ)
  • Sat 31Jul 16:00 / Waggon Rd (first layby with space from Ashton Rd up Peak Bridge Rd – toward Heritage Centre)

Contact Graham for more information (revgtarn@gmail.com)

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