Fellowship Discussions

On offer is a choice of two sessions to follow a mixed course from two sources on a weekly basis.  The same material is to be use in the evening and afternoon sessions.  No session will last more than an hour and a half.  Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30 and in the same week on Thursday afternoon at 2pm, starting on the 6th and 8th of October respectively.  (Table below.)

Tuesday 7:30Thursday 2pmWeekIn the beginningReadings
6th Oct8th Oct1CreationGenesis 1:1–2:25
13th15th2The FallGenesis 3:1–3:24
20th22nd3The FloodGenesis 6:5–7:24
27th29th4God’s Covenant with NoahGenesis 8:1–9:17
3rd Nov5th Nov5Tower of BabelGenesis 11:1–11:9
10th12th6Comments, social & review 
17th19th7Nooma: Rain 
24th26th8Nooma: Flame 
December  To be decided 

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